Does your kitchen need a facelift?

Don’t replace! “reface”

When you’re looking to update a kitchen or bathroom in your home, you may be faced with a decision between cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing. While the two may sound similar, they are actually very different processes. Cabinet refinishing simply refers to the sanding down and re-staining of your existing cabinets. This will essentially only give your cabinets a new finish and nothing more, hence the name.

So, after cabinet refinishing, your cabinets may possibly have a different color, but the same old cabinet doors, drawers, and frames will be underneath that fresh coat of stain.

Cabinet refacing, cabinet resurfacing or custom cabinets

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Most people have an idea about what they want in a remodeling project. These ideas are often based on similar designs they’ve seen. But in reality, those designs may not fit into the available space, or even worse, look out-of-place when compared to the rest of the house..

We Have the solution before we make the first cut to your new cabinet, we present you with a computer generated design, based on your requirements of course,

Our expert craftsman make and fabricate your new custom cabinetry in our factory. We have been making over 20 years in Orange County.

We bring our showroom to you. A professional home consultant will come to your home or office. Then he will work with you so you can create the results you want to achieve with the new look for your kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or custom cabinetry. You will get a price that’s fair and affordable. Then we go back to our factory to make exactly what you want. After our expert craftsman make and fabricate your new custom cabinetry. We install and assemble it in your home exactly the way you want it done by skilled craftsman. So that you can see exactly how your new kitchen or bathroom will look like even before we start. With hundreds of design styles and material choices we’re confident we have what you’re looking for.

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